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Zytech LED is the first Spanish company and one of the first European companies to get the "Energy Star" international certification of energy efficiency, The most demanding in the world in terms of trials, tests, and quality control of the product.

For Energy Star certification, products must undergo long and hard evidence to Verify the efficiency , quality , durability and safety of the products: such as tests of 6000 hours, to Demonstrate That They meet the highest specifications. Among These, Achieve technical maximum quality and durability, significant energy savings, performance, Un certain conditions of temperature, high efficiency and no Losses in the long term. Products certified by Energy Star lighting Also have a minimum guarantee of 5 years and a lifespan of Between 35,000 and 50,000 hours, and meet Requirements for high brightness and color spectrum.

The certified Energy Star is a government - supported symbol Awarded by the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, energy efficiency saves money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and processes. The Energy Star label was created to reduce Emissions of CO2 and other gases by inefficient use of energy and to make it Easier for consumer-to identify identity and purchase quality products and energy efficient.

This new certificate Provides that the Spanish company again Demonstrates the quality and reliability of its products and Allows them available in the United States, que have signed several major contracts supply.



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